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Free Download Gonzo / ゴンゾウ (2008)

Kuroki was once an ace detective, but after being traumatized from a case, he became unable to work and was transferred to another division, where he idles his time away. One day, a particular case pulls him out of his rut and gives him a chance to return as a detective. Two staff members of the popular “Aibou” series, producer Motohiro Matsumoto and writer Ryota Kosawa, are working together on this series.

Title: ゴンゾウ Title (romaji): Gonzo Tagline: 伝説の刑事 / Densetsu no Keiji / The Legendary Detective Format: Renzoku Genre: Detective Episodes: 10 Viewership rating: 10.7 (Kanto) Broadcast network: TV Asahi Broadcast period: 2008-Jul-2 to 2008-Sep-10 Air time: Wednesday 21:00-21:54 English Subtitle: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_63957.htm

Uchino Masaaki Tsutsui Michitaka Motokariya Yuika Takahashi Issei Yajima Kenichi Sugawara Daikichi (菅原大吉) Wada Masato Aoyama Masaru Kobayashi Masahiro Watabiki Katsuhiko Otsuka Nene Maeda Aki Ikewaki Chizuru Asai Kanon as young Iizuka Sanae (ep8-9) [member]



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