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Free Download Hope / 소원 (2013)


On a rainy morning, little So-Won (Lee Re) leaves for school, which is not very far from her home. Her father works at a local factory and her mother runs a modest neighborhood stationary shop below their home. So-Won is supposed to walk to school with her friend, but her friend ditched her for his group of guy friends. So-Won does not make it to school.

Hours later, So-Won’s father Dong-Hoon (Sol Kyung-Gu) receives a gut wrenching phone call from the police. So-Won is now hospitalized after being brutally sexually assaulted. Can their family put back the pieces of their once happy home?

Also Known As: Wish / 소원
Year: 2013
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Drama, Family
Subtitle: English

Sol Kyung-Gu
Uhm Ji-Won
Lee Re
Kim Hae-Sook
Kim Sang-Ho
Ra Mi-Ran
Yang Jin-Sung
Kim Do-Yeob



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