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Free Download Love Mentor / 러브멘토 (2014)

Love Mentor

Inexperienced adult novelist dreams of romantic love Jena aspiring writers to work in a cafe and pensions spare time writes. Chance to work their pensions to meet in a cafe and a role model Waxing Waxing tanked his way to hold onto and stick to the passerby Waxing and fertilization significantly hurt the hand. Jena is trying to protect his injured Waxing for the novel manuscript typing work from cleaning to help the best. One day, he sees Waxing is the novel’s unfinished novel Jena.

Also Known As: 러브멘토
Year: 2014
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Romance , melodrama, comedy
Subtitle: TBA

Seo Ri Seur
Yu Jae Geun
Im So Mi
Eom Ji Man


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