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Free Download Paradox Circle / 네모난원 (2012)

Paradox Circle

In the 1980’s, inflexible model student Kyung-Min (Kim Jung-Hak) joins a group that leads the student movement. In the group, he meets Soo-Jung (Ahn Mi-Na) and he falls in love with her. Kyung-Min becomes a fighter and has conflicts with his academic rival Yong-Ho (Jung Wook), who is in the center of the student movement.

Yong-Ho doesn’t like Kyung-Min and Soo-Jung becoming close to each other. One day, Kyung-Min is unaware that plain clothes officers are on the campus and he is arrested. Kyung-Min is the forced to enlist in the army. After his discharge, Kyung-Min hears that Yong-Ho and Soo-Jung are now lovers. Kyung-Min then becomes the leader for a far-left movement that supports the North Korean political ideology of Juche, but is arrested again. He is released in the 1990’s. During this time Yung-Ho and Soo-Jung marry.

Kyung-Min feels emptiness in his life and decides to go to North Korea to see how things are there with his own eyes. Yong-Ho and Soo-Jung are aware of his plans and join him. In North Korea, Yong-Ho is offered a job. Later, Kyung-Min comes back to South Korea alone. Their harsh fates begin …

Also Known As: 네모난원
Year: 2012
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Drama
Subtitle: English

Kim Jung-Hak
Jung Wook
Ahn Mi-Na



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