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Free Download The Way Back / 돌아오는 길 (2011)

The Way Back

Sun-Il (Yoo Son-Il) lost his friend because of an accident. So he left to travel. One year later, he appears in front of friends again, but Sun-Il resembles his dead friend a lot. His friends keep watching him. Their friendship is in critical condition unlike the past.

One day, he falls in love. Sun-Il has the happiest and sweetest moment in his life with Ji-Soo (Park Grina), but because of an unexpected incident Sun-Il feels strange with himself.

Also Known As: 돌아오는 길
Year: 2011
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Film Genre: Drama
Subtitle: English

Yoo Son-Il – Sun-Il
Park Grina – Ji-Soo
Chun Woo-Sung – Kang-Il
Kim Ji-Soo – Min-Chul
Park Gun-A – Hong-Joo
Maeng Ha-Ryung – Eun-Soo
Kim Gun – Joon-Hyuk



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